Terms & Conditions

  1. Check-In
  2. Weather Cancellations & Reschedules
  3. Cancellation Policy
  4. Consent and Agreement
  5. Limitations of Liability
  6. Flight Operation
  7. Dodgers Stadium Flight Restriction

Q: Check-In

**A Valid form of ID and the credit card used for booking are required to be presented at check-in.** Cardholder must be present at check-in. If cardholder, or card used is not present at check-in, another payment method will be required. Please contact our office and speak to a representative if this is an issue.

Q: Weather Cancellations & Reschedules

Safety is Orbic Air's number one concern with our pilots and guests. Weather can be very unpredictable and Orbic Air monitors forecasts very closely to ensure the safety of our guests and crew. As a VFR helicopter operator, Orbic Air has very strict Minimum Visibility and Minimum Cloud Ceiling requirements. We always operate under the clouds; never through or over cloud ceilings. It is the pilot's final determination of whether or not a flight is safe to fly. In the instance of poor weather and Orbic Air determines it is unsafe to fly, Orbic Air will reschedule or cancel your reservation for no penalty. Cloudy days or days with light rain do not necessarily mean that a flight will have to be cancelled. We are often able to fly with no safety issues whatsoever on cloudy days, with or without light rain, as long as minimum visibility and ceiling requirements are met. If Orbic Air deems the flight safe to fly without any possible weather interference, and you still wish to cancel or reschedule, a cancellation/reschedule fee may be imposed.

Q: Cancellation Policy

Cancellations require a minimum of 48 hours notice. Cancellations less than 48 hours in advance will be charged full rate. Rescheduled flights require a minimum of 48 hours notice to be rescheduled with no penalty. Reschedules less than 48 hours prior to scheduled departure will be subject to a 20% reschedule fee.

Q: Consent and Agreement

Submission of this order shall constitute an informed and knowing consent and waiver as required by law. You also acknowledge that the permissions and consents set forth on the Orbic Air, LLC Cancelation Policy, Limitation of Liability, and Flight Operation. The cardholder/authorized signatory authorizes Orbic Air to charge his/her credit card at the time of booking. The total cost listed in your cart is also a guarantee of payment for the balance due for the flight(s). Cardholder also understands and authorizes the credit card to be charged if Cardholder fails to cancel this booking without 48 hours notice. Cardholder agrees to pay any fees associated with cleaning for messes created by passengers while on the aircraft or any associated properties of Orbic Air. Cleaning fees can range from $150-$500.

Q: Limitations of Liability

You acknowledge and assume the risks which are inherent in participation with Orbic Air, LLC, including transportation of the individual which may be dangerous and include risks which cannot be reasonably avoided. You acknowledge and assume the risk that attendance and participation in the event can cause including but not limited to personal injury, death, and property damage.

Q: Flight Operation

You acknowledge that you waive any and all claims for personal injuries or property damage, including negligence, against Orbic Air, LLC, its employees, it volunteers, the individual members thereof, its agents, officers, and directors arising out of or relating to attendance and participation in the event including transportation of the named individual including alighting on and off the aircraft.

Q: Dodgers Stadium Flight Restriction

If your flight is scheduled during the time of a regular season Dodger home game, your flight route will be altered. TSA enforces a flight restriction that encompasses a 3 mile radius around the stadium. Flight tours in the downtown/Dodger Stadium area will be modified accordingly. You will still see the skyline, but will be from approximately 3 mile distance. The rest of your tour will be expanded to include additional highlights of LA.