Whether you are looking to fly for pleasure or choose an exciting new career as a helicopter pilot, your first step is attaining your Private Pilot Certificate. The privileges of successfully achieving your Private Certificate allow for taking of passengers, flying day or night, and aircraft rental. A Commercial Certificate is the next step for those interested in pursuing a professional career as a helicopter pilot and allowing the individual to work for hire. The professional pilot is encouraged to seek advanced ratings such as – Certified Flight Instructor, Instrument, and Instrument Flight Instructor. Once you have chosen a certificate program, call 818.988.6532 to schedule a Discovery Flight-whereby you and an instructor take to the skies for hands flight throughout LA. You and your instructor will cover flight safety, basic aerodynamics, and flight controls.

We have strategically based our Van Nuys facility at the hub of commercial helicopter operations for southern California. Your proximity to some of the nation’s largest news gathering, film production, police, and fire fighting fleets, provides the rare opportunity to associate with other professional helicopter pilots. Van Nuys airport is ranked as the world busiest general aviation airport, as a result the skill set a pilot gains when training in this type of complex and busy airspace is beyond measure. Training in such a challenging environment makes our students better pilots and adequately prepares them for a future in aviation.

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